A downloadable asset pack

Here's a collection of various sprites I made over the years. It's a bit random and the art styles are different. Most of these sprites are made for RPG Maker. Here's the list and details regarding each sprite sheet:

  • Alien and Robot Sprites - 2 characters, 48x48 px grid, 3 frames
  • Dungeon Sprites - 5 characters, 32x32 px grid, 4 frames
  • Ghost Sprites - 5 characters, 48x72 px grid, 4 frames
  • Halloween Sprites - 4 characters, 32x32 px grid, 4 frames
  • Jack the Lumberjack - 8 directions, 8 frames
  • Lava Elemental Sprite - 48x48 px grid, 4 frames
  • Random Sprites 1 - 16 characters, 48x48 px grid, 3 frames
  • Random Sprites 2 - 4 characters, 48x48 px grid, 4 frames

I may add more sprites in the future. 


You can use it anywhere, commercially or not. You have permission to alter and recolor the sprites, then resell it as a stand alone sprite pack. But, you can't resell this sprite pack as it is. 

Feel free to do anything with it, no need to credit me.


If you have any problems or concerns, don't be shy to comment down here.

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